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Digital Agility

Transferable skill development – we bridge the

(Keynote, half-day, day or two days workshops)

It amounts to a commonly suppressed fact that the majority of academically trained people have changed their field by the age of 40. Digital agility – the ability to make use of social media and other digital tools – is arguably crucial to make the transition. Scientific excellence is useless without a matching ,social layer‘. Social media ,profiling‘, ,digital jobhunting‘ and broadcasting research insights on a ,vimeo-movie‘-channel – all‘sounds greek to you? In our workshop you will experience…

  • Insights: Catch up with the most useful apps & digital trends. Bring your smartphones & tablets. Get beyond digital wheelspinning. A clear focus and information aggregation tools (Feedly, Pulse, HootSuite, etc.) allow for a professional screening of your research landscapes‘ topics.
  • Inspiration: What would you like to live through, while and after you are researching your scientific project? Sketch out attainable scenarios and matching attitudes.
  • Digital Best Practice: learn to position yourself in the global talent-space, develop an appropriate network & repertoire to respond upon the tides of academic life (and beyond).
  • A reality check: Type in the keywords of your scientific landscape into a job search engine.
  • Learn how digital matchmaking changed the recruiting process and try to see the world through the eyes of a recruiter. The ugly truth: most recruiters google your name, before they even bother reading your cover letter. Manage your first impression. Synchronize your CV and on-line profiles (LinkIn- & Xing-, etc.) according to guidelines of the E.C. Pardon me, you don‘ t have a social media profile? It‘s never to late, to face virtual reality…

Success is not always projectable. Realise your inner movie: Write from your heart, re-write from your head – yes – and learn to handle the toolset for responding to deviations! Digital tools: yes – but what-for? How do you go about organising the crucial relationship to your coming peers? How do you go about identifying and motivating key people to realise your inner script? How do you extend your repertoire to make the best use of the digital world?

The digital world is changing fast – wanna catch-up?
Dr. Joachim Maier (Zollikon) is looking forward to your call: +41(0)78 7274048