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Digital Jobhunting

Transferable skill development – we bridge the

(Keynote, half-day, day or two days workshops – click to download curriculum)

In a nutshell: Increase your digital literacy on the job hunt. Get a feel for for the fundamental changes that are driving the labour markets going digital. Brush-up your attitude and toolset by experiencing best-practices. Experiment with customized mobile & digital solutions for your jobhunting challenges. Prepare most suitable next steps as a digital jobhunter. Keys to your digital jobhunting boot-camp include:

  • Screening: Most people spend too much time on the digital jobhunt. A clear focus and information aggregation tools (Feedly, Pulse, HootSuite, etc.) get the web-job-search done in minutes instead of hours. Get beyond digital wheelspinning.
  • Curate your digital fingerprint: One word: profiling. The success of Twitter offers a lesson or three for jobhunters. But beware: do not confuse digital jobhunting with your digital life – both have a right on their own.
  • Learn how digital matchmaking changed the recruiting process. The ugly truth: most recruiters google your name, before they even bother reading your cover letter. Manage your first impression. Synchronize your CV and on-line profiles (LinkIn- & Xing-, etc.) according to guidelines of the E.C.
  • Social media for minimalists & social life do‘s and don‘t‘s: tab into relevant communities of practice. Show your potential employers that you are ,one of them‘. Carefully consider pitfalls and potential of aggressive jobhunting moves.
  • Video: the next big thing for jobhunters? Prepare yourself for a Skype job-interview or consider an application video. If your cover letter would be replaced by a video message to your recruiter: what would you tell in 45 seconds?
  • Online Course Material for future reference.

The digital world is changing fast – wanna catch-up?
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