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Starting a professional career in industry

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Title: The Successful Start of a Business Career

For most graduates the entry into a professional business life is a challenge. Since the expectation of the labor marketer are often unknown, young gradates often run into classical application mistakes. The need to clarify details about the application procedures, to critically review the information given in a CV and the self-presentation during a job interview is essential. Reflections on the application strategy, the labor market and contractual topics complement the workshop.


  • The labor market and its impacts on the application strategy
  • The completeness of our application documents from musts and choices
  • Answering convincingly job interview questions
  • Fitting your application strategy to the need and processes of particular employers


  • Participants learn how to apply successfully: the documents, the interviews, the follow-ups
  • Participants learn to prepare for interviews: your moment to impress the others
  • You train your self-marketing competencies: how to emphasize your strengths intelligently
  • Participants get to know details about day-to-day issues in work life
  • Participants learn about the quality of collegial consultancy and will be able to support each other during your application journey


  • The course is designed to credit 1 ECTS point
  • The course is suitable for Mater students, PhD students, PIs

Facilitator: Dr. Monika Clausen, trainer and coach for industrial partners, university clients and individuals. She offers an own training curriculum covering a broad spectrum of career related topics, bringing in a rich and manifold professional background (head of shared services center, head hunter, postdoc fellow at ETH and University of Zurich, PhD plant science at the Salk Institute in San Diego).

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