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Straight up: Academic career planning

Transferable skill development – we bridge the

Career Cornerstones: Active Career Building in Academia

Every career is built on a variety of different factors. Despite the conviction that expert recognition is the main constituent of an academic career, it is now commonly recognized that factors such as a heightened awareness of the internal workings of institutions and scientific communities (or respectively, specific companies and industries) as well as transferable competencies and personal networks become increasingly important in determining success. Fortunately, some central elements of promising academic career strategies can also be applied mutatis mutandis to career building in the private industry. In this workshop we focus mainly on the academic career but always keep an eye to the question of adaptability to the private sector.


  • Beyond the obvious: Career elements other than scientific expertise
  • Expectation management: Role awareness and competence development
  • Handling the future: Goals and skill presentation in application documents
  • Building networks: Impacts of successful networking on the career


  • Participants gain additional knowledge about the basic aspects of the organizational structures of universities and the impact of engagement
  • Participants reflect the possible and likely consequences of promotions considering the outside and inside world of academia.
  • Participants improve your decision basis by discovering career tracks inside and outside academia.
  • Participants analyze your network and your networking activities under consideration of their particular importance for academic career building.


  • The course is designed to credit 1 ECTS point
  • The course can be visited by Masers student, PhD students, PI and supervisors

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